Project Information
Finishing Works
2 February, 2021
Sharq Area, Kuwait
Completed Project

Kuwait Investment Authority Building

Finishing Works: - Shifting electrical floor boxes and adjusting AC Units under the raised floor.

Gulf Base Buildings, a distinguished name in the construction and development industry, proudly stands as a key contributor to the transformation of the Kuwait Investment Authority Building. Our expert team was vested with the pivotal responsibility of overseeing the intricate Finishing Works, a task that encompassed a range of complex activities such as relocating electrical floor boxes and fine-tuning the positioning of AC Units concealed beneath the elevated flooring. 

This transformation project aimed to revitalize the building, enhancing its functionality and aesthetics. Gulf Base Buildings was honoured to be selected as a trusted partner for this endeavour. Our team was entrusted with a multitude of tasks that required precision, skill, and expertise. Beyond the technical aspects, Gulf Base Buildings also focused on enhancing the aesthetics of the Kuwait Investment Authority Building. The finishing works involved selecting premium materials, crafting intricate details, and applying finishes that reflect the building's grandeur. Despite the intricate nature of the tasks at hand, we ensured that the Finishing Works were completed within the stipulated time frame, contributing to the overall success of the project.


 As the Kuwait Investment Authority Building stands as a symbol of Kuwait's progress, Gulf Base Buildings is proud to have played a pivotal role in this transformative journey, where functionality and aesthetics converge to create an architectural masterpiece.