Project Information
Sharq Area, Kuwait
Ongoing Project

New Data Centre at Amiri Hospital Old Building

MEP Works: - Supply and installation of copper pipes, AC Gas and electrical works for CRAC Units for DATA Centre.

Gulf Base Buildings is proud to be at the forefront of enhancing the infrastructure of the New Data Centre within the historic Amiri Hospital Old Building, situated in the heart of Sharq, Kuwait. Our primary focus in this remarkable project revolves around Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) works. These MEP installations encompass a wide range of activities, including the installation of copper pipes, AC gas systems, and specialized electrical systems designed to optimize the performance of Computer Room Air Conditioning (CRAC) units. Our unwavering commitment to providing the ideal environmental conditions for sensitive data equipment is matched only by our dedication to energy efficiency and eco-friendliness.

We utilize cutting-edge equipment and technology that prioritize energy efficiency, reducing the data centre's overall power consumption. Where feasible, we explore the integration of renewable energy sources to further reduce the carbon footprint of the data centre. As Gulf Base Buildings takes on the MEP works for the New Data Centre at the Amiri Hospital Old Building in Sharq, Kuwait, our commitment to excellence, precision, and environmental responsibility shines through. Our expertise in copper pipe installations, AC gas systems, and specialized electrical systems ensures the data centre's reliability and optimal performance. Moreover, our dedication to energy efficiency and eco-friendliness underscores our commitment to a sustainable future. Together, these elements position the Amiri Hospital Data Centre as a beacon of technological excellence and environmental stewardship in the heart of Kuwait's healthcare infrastructure.